Core values in life

July 2, 2017

These are the things that I have learned through various situations in my life. Many of these seem naive, but only when I make the mistake I realize the importance of it. Taking damage is the best way to burn it into my memory.

Put in the hours!

Whether it is for your job, relationships or health. The single most important factor is putting in the time and focus. This is one of the few things we have control over and every hour spent increases the chances of success.

Everyone has their own limits

University thought me that people have wildly different capabilities and hard work can get one only so far, we only have a limited amount of hours and virtually endless space of knowledge. So instead of comparing myself to others and I feeling low, I aim to improve myself every year. Outperform myself from past.

Have an opinion

The world is not black and white, for most things there are no right or wrong answers. The only correct course of action is to make a choice and champion it. As my last CEO said, no one will be punished for making mistakes, only for not taking action.