About me


I was born and raised in Estonia, a small country in north-eastern Europe with 1.3m inhabitants. The sea, lakes and the nature make it a wonderful place to grow up at. It is there that I developed my love for sports and being outdoors. After school I wanted to see more of the world so I moved to Germany to study. In 2014 I met my fiancé and we found ourselves a place in Frankfurt along the Main.

Being a software developer

I currently work as web developer with focus on UI and less backend. I like going to meetups or hackatons and in the evenings I can geek out my fiancé, who is also a software developer working with C, matlab and ML. I like coding, but I feel like the biggest benefit is that it opens up a lot of options in todays internet age.

Programming did not come naturally to me. The interest was there, I tried building my own flash game and also a website, but it never became anything. I went to the university and I really disliked the first year of CS, but luckily the subjects changed and I met a few inspiring developers and everything changed. I started to enjoy CS more and more, but only when I got my first job I realized that this is something I could do for a living.

Sport and Training

I value being fit a lot. It might sound shallow to some, but being fit has helped me immensely in life. It boosted my social life when I most needed it and gave me confidence. So even though I am fit now I keep going to gym and work on my cardio by running and bike riding. Being fit allows me to experience new things and I don’t need to worry about my physical limits. When we go on vacations then we can climb the hills and take trips outside.